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Do you want to help create a sustainable future? Do you want to solve big societal challenges? Or do you simply want to join a fun group of students over beer and pizza? Then CORE is the right team for you! We are always looking for new and bright students. Interested? Check the vacancies below!


Technical Manager

Leading the TITAN II project

Next year we are going to scale-up our shredder (TITAN) into a battery fire response unit together with the Amsterdam Harbour Area. Are you going to lead the design and build of this unique installation?

Commitment: 24-32 hours per week


Technical Manager

Leading the TEMNOS project

Preventing a fire is easier than dealing with one. Especially with batteries, We are building an AI driven sorting line that identifies and removes battery containing products from waste streams. Are you going to sort out our team?

Commitment: 24-32 hours per week

Temnos 2.png

Business Manager

Funding success

Building the installations of CORE is a costly business. To fund the team we are always looking for new sponsors, subsidies and business deals. Are you going to help us fund the projects?

Commitment: 16-24 hours per week


Data Members

Crunching the algorithms

Within the TEMNOS we are building an AI to identify and remove batteries from e-waste. The heart of this system is an AI model. Are you helping us train it?

Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


Technical Members

Help create a sustainable future

Are you interested in CORE, but don't you know whether you want to build the machine, design it or creat the models behind it? Join as a technical member and help us out on more than one field!

Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


University thesis

BEP, Master Thesis or Internship

Do you want to combine your study with CORE? You can do so by following specific courses or by graduating at us with your BEP, Internship or master thesis. From deep tech to business cases, we will find something that suits you!

Commitment: to be discussed


Technical Manager

Leading the Fournos II project

As CORE we do not only build prototpes, but also  factories. In Moerdijk we are engineering a factory that is going to process 100kton of waste into basalt products. Are you our lead engineer?

Commitment: 24-32 hours per week

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Business Manager

Connecting stakeholders

Building a project like TITAN II or TEMNOS cannot be done without partners and sponsors. You will be the main contact for them and will be present at events and meetings with existing and new partners.

Commitment: 16-24 hours per week


Marketing Member

Spreading the story of CORE

Of course you know how cool CORE is, but there are still some that don't. Via our social media, events and workshops we educate and inform students and industry. Do you want to help organize these events and online media?

Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


Handy Members

Building installations

Are you hands-on? Or do you want to learn practical technical skills? Within CORE we build our own prototypes and we need you to help us build the next ones! Are you helping us build a firetruck? Or the newest sorting line?

Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


Sustainability Members

Creating awareness around sustainability

As CORE we do not believe in technology alone. It is our responsibility to educate on the field of recycling and sustainability. Are you helping us organize visits from politicians and workshops for industry and schools?

Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


HBO Internship

Practical research and learning

Do you want to combine your study with CORE? You can perform an internship or graduation project at us. We have several slots from deep tech to hr & business. Contact us and we can find something that fits you!

Commitment: to be discussed


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